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Anonymous: A frank turner tattoo like the cover art of tape deck heart or something based on that or a song by him idk

lmaooo u are so right i’ve been planning a frankie t tattoo since 2009 aw


8-Bit Ghibli Series by Richard J. Evans





Well said.

I’m naturally suspicious of people who don’t dig this guy. He’s brilliant.

Interesting fact is that this same theory can be applied to so many historical female women: Marie Antoinette, Empress Elisabeth, Catherine the Great, Catherine de Medici.

When a woman threatens the standardised ideals of the patriarchy, she must be reduced down to the base forms of womanhood, often as prescribed by the Church, which was the base of power in those days.

Despite the fact that times have changed, these images of womanhood are so beaten into our consciousness that we have to make a conscious effort to look beyond them.

Anonymous: You're gorgeous!

that is v flattering thank u i love crappy webcams

i can’t believe jesus smoked all that weed for our sins so many years ago

i am excited to see mcbusted on tuesday but their setlist is p short but then again they do more busted songs than mcfly so they have their priorities in check and i respect that

my child

my child

Guess who is drunk because of really yummy cider and stupid family

Guess who is drunk because of really yummy cider and stupid family

Visitin my gd m8 queen lizzie

Visitin my gd m8 queen lizzie


Original files to download and print (paper size is A5):

Pamphlet 1: http://i.imgur.com/ShDnALq.jpg

Pamphlet 2:

Front: http://i.imgur.com/ShDnALq.jpg

Back: http://i.imgur.com/jOYFzwI.jpg


UGH i love lirry